Review: Intestinal Disgorge – Everlasting Fractal Nightmare (Meat 5000, Sep 25)

Texas goregrinders Intestinal Disgorge have come a long way since the release of their debut full-length, Drowned in Rectal Sludge, in 2000. After a lot of stylistic exploration, they are honing in on a sound that bonds the unhinged noise blasts of their early work with a more refined, but still hideously brutal death grind format. Everlasting Fractal Nightmare picks up right where last year’s Sonic Shrapnel left off, and it’s pretty much the culmination of what the band seems to have been working toward. The drums keep every single track barreling at an uncompromising pace; I don’t think the bass drum ever lets up for more than five seconds at a time, it just beats you into the ground and keeps you there. The vocals are as unpredictable and disturbing as ever, climbing from down-tuned gurgles to piercing shrieks atop the putrid atmosphere whipped up by the guitars. Intestinal Disgorge have completely mastered the conjuring of a dark, horrifying sonic environment, which is brewed at the forefront on texture-focused tracks like “Shambling Cyclopean Terrors” and “Where They Breed” and presides over the rest of the album with pestilent persistence. Yes, 35 mins seems long for an unrelenting gore record; I thought the exact same thing. But Everlasting Fractal Nightmare is paced perfectly, and by the end there’s not even a hint of the exhaustion I normally get from too much of this sort of stuff. If you can’t tell, I’m super excited about this release.

Preorder the physical CD here.

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