Review: Dim Thickets – Dim Thickets (Anticausal Systems, Feb 21)

Dim Thickets is the newly formed duo of New York improvisers Jason Nazary and Carlo Costa, both of whom enter into this pairing with heaps of experience in various group settings; the former with trail-blazing bands such as Little Women and the Chris Pitsiokos Unit, and the latter with various quartet configurations and groups such as Earth Tongues. Though the four instrumental conversations on Dim Thickets pit Nazary’s electronics against Costa’s drumming, both are seasoned percussionists, and the distinct sensibility that role entails is palpable in both members contributions (even in moments as abstract as the stutter-step glitches and bowed cymbals that begin “Palpitations”). This self-titled debut tape is “a document of their first meeting,” and finds itself in a balance between the exciting wealth of possibility in a new musical encounter with the firm sense that these two artists were meant to play together. They command motion and dynamics with astonishing prowess, Nazary often forming the firmest base with his sustained delay-clock manipulations while Costa expands and contracts through his restless rattles, unique textures, and Prévost-esque metallic resonance. The result is a colorful release that marries spontaneity and patient development to sublime effect.

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