Mix: With the Flow

I actually originally made this as a mixtape for a friend of mine, but for some reason I was thinking about it today and wanted to post it. Still one of my best mixes I’ve put together, in my opinion. It collects my favorite tracks that would be best classified under the umbrella of abstract or experimental hip-hop. Enjoy.

cLOUDDEAD (who hail from my hometown of Cincinnati, OH!)

00:00. cLOUDDEAD – “Pop Song” from Ten (Big Dada Recordings, 2003)

05:27. E L U C I D – “Hyssop” from Shit Don’t Rhyme No More (self-released, 2018)

08:26. Deep Puddle Dynamics – “June 26th, 1999 (Purpose)” from The Taste of Rain… Why Kneel (Anticon, 1999)

11:48. Coin Locker Kid – “Inquisitor.” from The Ghost Sonata (self-released, 2012)

15:26. Aceyalone – “The Catch” from A Book of Human Language (Project Blowed, 1998)

16:50. P.O.S – “Purexed” from Never Better (Doomtree, 2009)

20:05. Dr. Yen Lo – “Day 777” from Days With Dr. Yen Lo (Pavlov Institute, 2015)

23:14. Spirit Agent – “Bioluminescence” from Depth Perception (Navigators Inc., 1999)

26:17. Subtle – “She” from A New White (Lex, 2004)

30:38. lojii & Swarvy – “do u (feat. Nikko Gray)” from Due Rent (Fresh Selects, 2017)

33:50. Atoms Family – “Adversity Strikes” from The Prequel (Centrifugal Phorce, 2000)

37:52. Eyedea & Abilities – “Burn Fetish” from By the Throat (Rhymesayers, 2009)

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