Review: Audiosmogg – Superior to a Lesser Extent (Bleeding Ear, Sep 9)

If before I listened to Superior to a Lesser Extent someone brought up a connection to Toshiya Tsunoda and Taku Unami’s masterpiece Wovenland I would dismiss it as tenuous at best. I’ve truly never heard anything like Wovenland before, an album whose radical range of processing techniques renders its otherwise mundane source material into arresting and uncanny soundscapes; but though the newest release from Czech project Audiosmogg (also known as Martin Dohnal) ventures a bit farther into conventional musicality (not too far, mind you) its abstracted portrayals of space and location possess almost the same level of singular immersiveness. The ten pieces that make up Superior to a Lesser Extent range from the lofty and mystical ambience of “Excerpts of Infinity” and “Yes and Also Yes” to direct, unadulterated sonic documents titled simply by their coordinates to the fragmentary stutters of Dohnal’s “Perforated Landscapes” (the obvious similarities between these tracks and Wovenland’s “In the Park” was what brought about that comparison in the first place), and the result is an eclectic yet focused examination of the artist’s surroundings. I hope that this trend of creative filtration in phonography continues, and that the results are as excellent as the albums discussed here.

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