Review: Coutoux – Seething Rage (Soil, Oct 10)

Coutoux’s 2017 tape Hellicoprion, a deafening descent into shadowy aquatic depths via a unique stylistic amalgam of black metal, power electronics, industrial, and heavy electronica, rarely leaves my car (when I have access to a car). Until hearing Seething Rage, I was under the impression that the hellish genre cocktail explored on Hellicoprion would largely dictate Coutoux’s approach on future releases, but it turns out that it’s a bit of anomaly in the artist’s oeuvre. This new tape sidles back into grimy EBM territory; while “Ancient Waters” announced itself with throat-shredding shrieks and a blast of metallic noise, “Oppression” evokes more of a dark, dingy dance floor. Though there are some organic sound sources—the artist makes use of what appear to be heavily processed vocal samples—Seething Rage is almost entirely electronic, but that’s not to say it’s not as atmospheric or hard-hitting. It’s quite the opposite, actually; the punishing drum machine grooves carve themselves from distorted bass punches and ever-varying snare patches, creating a structure around which more aerobic synth arpeggios and abrasive rumbles are woven. Coutoux’s slamming, grinding rhythmic punishments echo the relentless assaults of especially hard-hitting industrial techno artists like Regis and Container, but also possess some very danceable, hip-hop-esque qualities.

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