Mix: Sonic Stew

Stew is a good meal to make on a freezing cold evening when you just need some warmth in your body. Stew is also a good meal to make when all you have are some broth and a pile of disparate ingredients you don’t really know what to do with. Apply the two preceding sentences to dense, playful collage music—what I like to refer to as “sonic stew”—and the claims still hold true. Go ahead and help yourself to a sizable spoonful.

00:00. Faust – beginning of “Why Don’t You Eat Carrots?” from Faust (Polydor, 1971)

00:56. Gus Coma – “Meet Our Employees” from Color Him Coma (It’s War Boys, 1983)

03:58. Sugar Pills Bone – “Lumb Airline Crash on Blue Waffle Island” from Lumb (Orb Tapes, 2019)

07:29. Martin Tétreault – “Induction” from La Nuit Où J’Ai Dit Non (Audioview, 1997)

15:59. Guido Gamboa – “Nasal Passage Complication Inducing Variants of Voluntary Breathing, Light Sensitivity Traced to Anticipation of Migraine Aura Onsets” from 2018: Recent Amelioration of Lingering Proprioceptive Issues, Elimination of Winter Coat Improves Muscle Tension (Regional Bears, 2018)

19:30. Gomma Workshop – “Bruitages cubik” from Almanacco Moderno (Madcap, 2004)

24:02. Five Starcle Men – “Ducks Abduct” from Gomba Reject Ward Japan (Lost Frog Productions, 2007)

26:11. Ken Shoticker – “ctch th mnkey” from avatar toolkit (fals.ch, 2001)

27:15. Ground-Zero – “The Glory of Hong Kong – Kabukicho Conference” from Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver.1.28 (ReR, 1996)

31:45. Stanol Ester – “Yn, the Monts of the Mystics” from Yn, the Monts of the Mystics (self-released, 2018)

35:01. Ash Charge – “II” from Ash Charge (Garden Magik, 2019)