Review: EARTHFLESH – //- (Nailed Nazarene Industries, Feb 12)

Though the title of this site doesn’t solely refer to noise music, that genre was the initial step in my personal odyssey into subversive music as a whole, and it’s always nice to hear something that reminds me of the records that first piqued my oh-so-innocent ears (Rocket ShrineLife in a Peaceful New WorldAll Live Recording at My Room). In fact, I first thought of this yesterday, when I listened to and reviewed Connive’s debut self-titled cassette, and I suppose the universe saw it fit to deliver a similarly nostalgia-evoking yet nonetheless fresh and excellent noise album with mainly red cover art. EARTHFLESH is a very new project from Switzerland, and since their inception in December 2019 have put out nine digital releases ranging from full-length albums to shorter tracks and remixes. //- is the first to grace a physical format, and though I haven’t heard any of the artist’s prior catalog, it is undoubtedly a worthy choice. Warm roils of analog distortion, sustained feedback shrieks, and other abrasive sonic emissions emerge as EARTHFLESH finds their footing on opening track “113726,” a succinct and well-structured piece that concludes with some hypnotic loop manipulation. Things spread out on the 28-minute “152913,” which eventually settles into a scorching current of textural noise and screeching feedback tones that could honestly go on forever. The following two tracks embark into less familiar territory, with the sub-minute contact mic crescendo of “173653” serving as a brief interlude before “121329” cuts through with a meaty modular synth cell that gradually expands and is wracked by stuttering blasts of distortion. To anyone as young as me who should listen to this or any other noise album and have their world rocked: keep going. This shit will change your life.