Mix: The Cask of Amontillado

Poe bores me to tears, but one of his most well known stories provides a fitting, albeit overly poetic title for this mix, which is focused on walls that are intensely immersive, some to the point of stifling imprisonment. Ranging from the conspicuously sparse to the overwhelmingly maximalist, these are the pieces that demand to be listened to in entirety, that refuse to relinquish their hold over you until their final minutes expire. As with all of my wall noise mixes, I highly recommend you listen to the full versions of the pieces you enjoy most to get the full effect. Some (I won’t spoil which) even change over the course of the duration.

“imprisonment of mind” by shelja_arts

00:00. JohnW – “-” from Wordless Paragraph (Absent Erratum, 2019)

04:31. Little Fictions – “River Spirit” from River Spirit (Void Worship, 2016)

08:20. Ratteknaeghen – “Deel 1” from Jammerlijke Toestand Door Lichamelijk Contact (Lost Light, 2019)

12:50. Vilgoć – “Granice” from Granice (Szara Reneta, 2020)

17:37. Waves of Light – “Time Is the Destroyer” from Time Is the Destroyer / Myths (Absent Erratum, 2018)

22:40. Ushinawareta Tamashi – “Runessansu” from LB_120 (Lurker Bias, 2018)

27:44. arboreal – “deconstruction” from deconstruction (Perpetual Abjection, 2019)

33:04. Kongcorong – “Kongcorong” from Kongcorong (Nature Noise Wall, 2018)

37:32. Nascitari – “Iopregoperluisullaterra.luipregapermenellospazio” from Your Sewer / My Church (Lost Light, 2016)