Review: polly velvet – stomatology (self-released, Feb 29)

Music writers have certainly made use of the painful grinding and invasiveness evoked by orthodontic analogies when talking about harsh noise, but newcomer project polly velvet takes it a step further by releasing an entire album based upon such comparisons. stomatology, whose name references the “study of the structure, function and diseases of the oral cavity,” is a brief but brutal assault on the senses, hurling wave after wave of assaulting sound throughout the six short, hyperactive tracks. Harsh noise is one of those musics that’s not always purely limited to aurality; it’s often also physically punishing, viscerally impactful, something that polly velvet tries to maximize with the album’s imagery, track titles, and presentation. Enter through the unwelcoming entryway of a swollen, diseased open mouth and you’re met with the painful, piercing slices of “wisdom grind”; the seething, unstable churns of “hollow teeth”; and the dizzying, broken oscillations of “dr. feinstone.” Whether stomatology is spicing up the waiting room for your semiannual dental checkup or providing a soundtrack for a readthrough of Harry Mathews’ bizarre novel Tlooth, it’s sure to leave you begging for mercy.

“support your local dentist. ** PLAY IT LOUD **”

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