Request: Action

Protesters gather in front of a flaming MPD building in Minneapolis. Photo by Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune

To all of my beloved readers in and outside of the United States: the people of the broken country I grudgingly call home are under attack. Even aside from the ongoing racially-motivated violence against people of color enabled and perpetrated by countless corrupt police departments, the protests against this injustice have encountered a grotesque response of unnecessary force, abuse, and denial of basic human rights. Children as young as nine years old have been tear-gassed while peacefully demonstrating with their parents. People in several states have been severely injured by rubber bullets and other riot suppression weaponry. A police SUV drove through a crowd of protesters in New York City. Civilians and journalists are being arrested and charged without being read their rights. A cop was filmed flashing the hand gesture of white supremacist gang The Aryan Circle while his fellow officer smiled and laughed. These are just examples; to view a sickeningly long list of other police brutality incidents that have occurred in the last few days alone, click here.

If you’re anything like me, it’s difficult to go about your normal routine with these atrocities happening around you. In lieu of a review today, all I ask is that you join the fight against the boot of fascism that is not-so-slowly descending on all of our heads. If you are in a place where protests are taking place, please join in. If you are unable to protest, consider donating to helpful charities and fundraisers like the Minneapolis Freedom Fund, the George Floyd Memorial Fund, or local funds that go toward bail or legal representation for arrested protesters (in Cincinnati, Beloved Community Church has set up one such fund). This is a crucial time and I hope that all of you can help.

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