Mix: The Forgotten Country

Ever since the American cultural juggernaut that is country music first began to emerge, musicians have been flocking to the fringes of the typically simple, straightforward genre in attempts to discover innovative ways to subvert tradition while retaining its heart and soul. This mix documents my best attempt to chronicle these artists through the years, but even through extensive research this sort of thing is very difficult to find (thus, it’s a bit shorter than usual, but it’s also about the average length of a classic country LP so we’ll roll with it). Needless to say, this post is also a request for more examples!

Zoe Burke of Buck Young (photo by Ben Trogdon)

00:00. Mohawk & The Rednecks – “Enchanted Forest” from God Less America compilation (Crypt, 1995)

02:16. The Holy Modal Rounders – “Soldier’s Joy” from Indian War Whoop (ESP, 1967)

04:43. Astroturf Noise – “Morning Zephyr Waltz” from Astroturf Noise (577, 2020)

08:45. Charlie Tweddle – second untitled track from Fantastic Greatest Hits (Companion reissue, 2004)

11:01. Eugene Chadbourne – “Devilish Mary” from The History of the Chadbournes: Honky-Tonk Im Nachtlokal (Leo, 2004)

14:28. Buck Young – “Hang Em Hiiiiiiii!!!” from Proud Trash Sound (No Rent, 2017)

18:36. Henry Flynt & Nova’Billy – “Sky Turned Red” from Henry Flynt & Nova’Billy (Locust, 2007)

21:57. Davenport – “Thou Shall Be Waking” from Free Country (Last Visible Dog, 2005)

28:00. Caroliner Rainbow Susans and Bruisins – “The Ballad of Hamdrags” from The Cooking Stove Beast (Nuf Sed, 1992)

One thought on “Mix: The Forgotten Country

  1. Sam from Astroturf Noise here — thanks for including us on this sweet playlist! A couple more recs in this world: Bryan and the Haggards, SUSS


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