Mix: Temporary Places

This is a collection of mostly abstract pieces that seek to converse with both natural and industrial surroundings in ways well beyond simply documenting them. The title comes from Nicolas Snyder’s recent release of the same name, which also provides the first track of the mix. Each of these tracks has its own unique world or environment of direct field recordings, skeletons of melodies, wistful drones, spidery percussion, assorted audio detritus, crackling auxiliary textures, low frequency rumble, and other elements, beautifully coalescing into semi-stagnant meditations, immersive excursions, temporary places.

Additional artwork for ‘Temporary Places’

00:00. Nicolas Snyder – “CLAYhands” from Temporary Places (Shhpuma, 2020)

07:29. Daphne X – “First the Mouth” from Água Viva (tsss tapes, 2020)

09:43. Ximes – “like some gamelan of the dead” [excerpt] from Zener_04 (Sensory Leakage, 2019)

12:58. @c – “76.4” from Music for Empty Spaces (Baskaru, 2010)

17:20. R. Schwarz – “Wind 4” from Wind 4-7 (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., 2018)

21:27. Small Cruel Party – “La Poussière des Murs Détruit le Passé” from An Accident in Substance (Harbinger Sound, 2012)

25:08. Manja Ristić – “Autumn” [excerpt] from The Nightfall (Naviar, 2018)

30:56. Radio Cegeste – “1897, Detail (Song for Richard Henry)” from three inclements (Consumer Waste, 2014)

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