Review: Python vs Cobra – Bitte Nicht Füttern EP (Brain Pussyfication, Feb 5)

The short-‘n-sweet Bitte Nicht Füttern EP is by far the most fully-realized release from Berlin duo Python vs Cobra (Thiébault Imm and Kévin Angboly) so far, but for them coherence is incoherence, and as such this tape makes use of both simultaneously. The stripped-down guitar and drums approach to noise rock is hardly anything new, and yet these winding, brutal improvisations of pseudo-punk jam fragments and formless cacophony are undeniably fresh and full of something indescribable that makes the pair’s particular brand of bedlam so much. It could be the palpable creative chemistry between the two musicians; or maybe it’s the raw, unhinged exchange style, which throws the traditional dichotomy of drums→rhythm/guitar→melody into a constant, merciless distortion (see “Castré et Véreux,” on which both instruments seem to pull each other from a dense, impenetrable muck of nebulous dissonance into a firecracker rock groove); or it’s just the fact that these brief musical spasms are so infectiously instantaneous, so unflinchingly volatile, that one becomes obsessed with the state of mind they evoke to the point where there’s nothing else that hits the spot the same way. There is a stunning amount of both violence and serendipity immortalized by these recordings, whose exaggerated edges remain stubbornly rough and cutting no matter how many times one tries to wear them down.

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