Review: The Queen Guillotined – Nothing Will Get Us to Heaven (Paper Wings, Apr 19)

a3606990689_10As many are likely already aware, Nothing Will Get Us to Heaven is far from the only nostalgic love letter to late-00s Myspace scenecore that’s come out in the past half-decade or so, but I would venture to say that it’s one of the best I’ve heard. From the vibrant album cover and melted-lattice lettering to the pitch-shifted therapy sample intro with its lengthy, underscore-laden title and the vicious, bullheaded breakdowns complete with electrocuted-cat howls, The Queen Guillotined’s follow-up to last year’s demo is a throwback through and through, but the newly formed Buffalo quintet take themselves just seriously enough (and use adequately crisp production) for their debut to land with a more newfangled impact, appealing to fresh-faced fools and those still trying to rinse that last bit of neon green dye out alike. There’s also, surprisingly, not a single pig squeal to be found throughout the entire 13-or-so-minute run time, which makes the band’s self-proclamation of their style as “Real Deathcore” extra provocative. While they don’t have the brutal, manic stupidity of more familiar mainstays like IVEBEENSHOT, A Black Rose Burial, or See You Next Tuesday, the dual high/low screams and gang vocals of “Centipedes in the Senate” and stomping chugs of “No Redeeming Qualities” make The Queen Guillotined an act to watch.

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