Mix: Corporate Humdrum

I think most of us have been away from the office long enough that we can romanticize its soul-sucking essence. There’s plenty of misery, anger, abuse, and above all boredom to be found in any cubicle farm or gaudy corporate park, but this mix is a sustained extension of those fleeting moments of contentment amidst the malaise: an unusually tasty cup of coffee to pair with the breakfast you treated yourself to; an unexpected half-day; an invisible, intangible embrace from the spirits of displaced dreams that lurk within the walls.

00:00. ░N░E░W░ – “48 N. Los Robles” from Painting of Common Objects (A B S E N T   E R R A T U M, 2020)

04:03. Nick Malkin – Waiting in a Vacant Lobby [excerpt] (self-released, 2020)

13:04. Taeha Types – “Kyuu” from Mechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings of Bespoke and Customised Mechanical Keyboards (Trunk, 2020)

16:52. Andrew Fogarty & David Lacey – “Perruque” [excerpt] from The Wig (Fort Evil Fruit, 2018)

20:42. Xerophonics – “Minolta EP 6001 CS PRO (Serial # 21742775)” from Copying Machine Music (Seeland, 2003)

24:09. Little Fictions – “Memories and Sounds Collected at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, July 2018, Seoul” [excerpt] from Territory of Light (Small Worm, 2020)

29:15. Guido Gamboa – sixth untitled track [excerpt] from Saturday’s Notes (Pentiments, 2015)

33:16. Stephen Cornford – “Eject Mechanisms & Broken Drives” [excerpt] from Constant Linear Velocity (Consumer Waste, 2019)

36:27. [The User] – untitled track [excerpt] from Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers (Staalplaat, 2002)

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