Mix: Deep Internet

Obnoxious error noises, flash game improvisations, useless pseudo-remixes, server innards, connection, solitude… these are a few of my favorite things.


00:00. Hyperlink – “504: gateway time-out” from Web Timeout (Nmesh, 2016)

00:49. RINGEX PLASTER – excerpts from “Let’s play Super Mario Bros to save Mushroom Princess right now!!! The Mushroom Princess is being held captive by the evil Koopa tribe of turtles. Super Mario Bros. NEW! Hot! Pac-man.. Start Game. … Super Mario World: Peach Blast. NEW! Hot! Mario Forever. NEW! Hot! Mario …” from Super Mario Brothers: New Super Mario Flash Online Game (self-released, 2020)

03:36. Youtube: Naliboki Woods – Dial Up (5 Feb 2021)

07:08. Ketchup Johns – “Bejewelled Frisbee” from Life Simulator (self-released, 2017)

08:56. Network Glass – “5.52 [Minecraft]” from Twitch (Salon, 2020)

14:48. food item – “It’s Actually an Energy Drink, but Who Cares.” from Yeah! Food Item Transmission. (7Form, 2020)

15:25. Windows 98の – BLUE SCREEN 002 [excerpt] (Pizza Beast, 2016)

20:23. Youtube: panicking at the wrong disco – “mr. brightside” but you’re crying in a bathroom at a party because your crush brought a date… (18 Nov 2020)

24:10. Ned Paige – A side [excerpt] of Ad Tape (Podunk, 2019)

28:04. XoArK – “ghted Bid Pric8 $26.es Weighted Bid” from CR061-1. 5ThLi cf 3 44lsy. 6/9-Z CY. 230. 30Z- c-,`. 414/5y Scp. IlenOMMIND. SrRvc-l’akt–. 11-5. 5-6 … cLe)( d’AfX1 1/z,ci70 .)(it 40 “/r) 1’1. WhAf. … English. TON. 5/2013 – 5/2014. Unit price quantity breakouts. Unit Price Statistics. Min Quantity. (7Form, 2020)

30:29. ~~~ – “:;:” from ~~:;:~~ (Absolute Trash Media, 2021)

32:42. RINGEX CLASSIC – Live @ Roblox Mall V.6.0 Apr 22nd 2020 (self-released, 2020)

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