Review: Mante – Funeral (self-released, Jun 12)

a1999954826_10The quantity of releases on Bandcamp tagged with the “annoying” descriptor is much higher than one would think. In terms of my own personal definition of what the word means in this context, many of the entries aren’t very accurate, but there are some gems—Rich Teenager’s SardanapalusKlöße‘s debut tape, Nice Piles’ self-titled—that not only provide excellent music but also exemplify true “annoyance”: the intentional, aesthetic use of traditionally unpalatable structures or materials. Though Funeral doesn’t have the tag, it certainly deserves it; I imagine, what with the combination of the title of the opening track being “Horny Hentai in the Horse’s House” and its uncompromising, volatile causticity, that there are few things your family or friends would yell at you to turn off faster. Costa Rica–based artist Mante wields these elements of rather unsavory sonic pollution with the same dexterity and virtuosity as would any producer of much more traditional harsh or cut-up noise, gluing together strands and gobs into freely mobile audio sculptures whose intricacies don’t sacrifice the raw auras of obscenity radiated by their individual components. And if you thought the first piece and the following “Overwhelming Dislike” were bad, wait until you get to “Cheap Codes from Hoes,” a cacophonous, hyperactive, completely irreverent collage of Discord tones, Minecraft gameplay audio, and masticated streamer commentary that is probably the best thing I’ve heard all year. “Bajo las Nalgas del Kilimanjaro” too feels like some sort of bleak post-internet exhumation, built upon an ongoing battle scene sample from God knows where (and don’t bother asking him; he sure as hell isn’t here). This latter half of Funeral is the type of stuff I want to see more of from Mante, but overall the brief album is a whiplash-inducing assault on the ears that may be literally impossible to forget.

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