Mix: What the Summer Rain Knows

We’ve had plenty of both rain and heat here in Ohio the past few months, and I’d wager most other places are seeing similar changes; both erratic extreme weather and rising temperatures are only going to get worse. But these mixes sometimes have to be about silver linings, and everyone can appreciate the oddly tense, electric tranquility of being sheltered away during a soaking summer storm. It often seems to speak with its boisterous growls of thunder and musical pitter-patter, but ambiguous messages are hard to decipher when you’re just trying to make sure your basement doesn’t flood or your windows don’t cave in.

00:00. Yume Hayashi – “B” from What the Summer Rain Knows (Avocado Tapes, 2016)

03:16. Kevin Drumm – “Humid Weather” [excerpt] from Humid Weather (Hospital Productions, 2012)

06:52. Ourson – “Rainy Wednesday” from Collected Natures III (Psøma Psi Phi, 2019)

08:03. Daphne X – “First the Thirst” from Água Viva (tsss tapes, 2020)

16:06. Marek Hlaváč – “Artificial Rain Falling on Real Metal Plate” from Changing Weather (self-released, 2021)

19:17. Henry Collins – A side [excerpt] of Prepared Rain (zamzamrec, 2020)

25:02. Jeremy Hegge – “Parched Earth, Wet” from Six Days in Townsville (self-released, 2018)

27:45. Abby Lee Tee – “Sleet” from At the Beaver Lodge I (self-released, 2021)

32:38. Audiosmogg – “Solo for Two Cans in the Rain” from Superior to a Lesser Extent (Bleeding Ear, 2019)

36:08. Faust – “Meadow Meal” [ending] from Faust (Polydor, 1971)

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