Mix: Spit-Valve Salves

A journey through the wet hisses, burbles, squawks, and squeaks produced by saxophone players who, via various extended techniques, do their very best not to play any actual notes at all.

Anthony Braxton in concert on Nov 6, 1975

00:00. Nathan Corder & Tom Weeks – “The Pit” from Diamondback (Makeshift Encounters, 2020)

08:15. Marco Colonna – “Nodosariata” from FORAMINIFERA (Plus Timbre, 2018)

12:50. Michael Foster & Ben Bennett – “Offshore Flesh Crystals” from Contractions (Astral Spirits, 2021)

20:09. Fuck Lungs – “Loud Unit” from Fuck Lungs (Already Dead, 2016)

24:55. Fua – B side [excerpt] of Fua (fancyyyyy, 2018)

26:53. Mythic Birds – “The Name by Which the World Knows Them Is Not the One They Themselves Utter” from The Name by Which the World Knows Them (Peira, 2012)

31:17. The Elks – “Geneva #2” from Bat English (self-released, 2017)

35:44. nmperign – “Prey” from Ommatidia (Intransitive, 2009)

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