Mix: Inimitable Indie Introductories

Looking back at the mixes I’ve posted recently, I’ve been on a weird streak—which to be fair is probably what a lot of you come here for—so I was feeling like making something more generally palatable today. These are my favorite openers by my favorite indie bands, new and old(ish), big and small; you will probably recognize some of them, but hopefully not all. Keep on shouting.

Some of the transitions are kinda rough; my computer has been acting up and it died before I could smooth them over, and it wiped most of my work. Hope it’s not too jarring.

00:00. Spice – “First Feeling” from Spice (Dais, 2020)

02:34. Tall Ships – “T=0” from Everything Touching (Big Scary Monsters, 2012)

06:13. Wray – “Blood Moon” from Wray (Communicating Vessels, 2014)

08:48. We Are Augustines – “Chapel Song” from Rise Ye Sunken Ships (Votiv, 2011)

12:03. Spaceman Spiff – “Vorwärts ist keine Richtung” from Endless Nichts (Grand Hotel Van Cleef, 2014)

15:40. Pela – “Latitudes” from All in Time (Brassland, 2005)

19:56. Shearwater – “Animal Life” from Animal Joy (Sub Pop, 2012)

23:31. Mexican Elvis – “He Spent Three Years Trying to Enter the Eurovision Song Contest” from John frum Alaska (Kyr, 2010)

27:02. Viet Cong – “Throw It Away” from untitled cassette (Jagjaguwar, 2013)

30:13. Protokoll – “Moving Forward” from Paradoxon (Illicit Recordings, 2006)

35:04. Frightened Rabbit – “Death Dream” from Painting of a Panic Attack (Atlantic, 2016)

39:07. Beaten Awake – “Browns Town” from Let’s Get Simplified (Fat Possum, 2007)

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