Review: djdillydrops – Digital Ghouls (Grink Collective, Sep 8)

I review a lot of bizarre shit on this website, but some releases, even in the context of this already obscure subset of music, seem to bellow “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair” with feeling. Digital Ghouls is certainly one of those, complete with a cover collage of a Little Caesars ad, Windows XP dropdown menus, and low-res images of Michelangelo the turtle, a dildo, and a flip phone; an overpriced and extremely limited physical cassette edition called the Special “Michael” Bootleg; typo-ridden track titles; and some of the most brutal, irreverent digital harsh noise one could ever hear. djdillydrops disregards the cut-up, unpredictable volatility that often comes packaged with computer- or code-based approaches and instead opts for an all-out assault of endlessly layered stems of raw data, most likely sourced from images and other incompatible filetypes run through a DAW. Fittingly, the introductory “Bitch” is perhaps the short release’s most intense track, finding little footing in any sort of bass register yet to optimize the causticity of the slicing, stabbing static plumed to perfection throughout the expanse of the high-end. “Swallow the LaCroix” offers somewhat of a relative respite in the form of chunkier, less shrill glitch-murk, approaching the kinetic pseudo-physicality of some of Gintas K’s work. All in all it’s incredible, and probably the most inappropriate thing I could be listening to while surrounded by trees, greenery, and wildlife… all hail the Grink.

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