Review: DED – Ghost Noises (self-released, Oct 4)

If drumcorps’ For the Living was the result of large handfuls aughts scene-/tech-grind being jammed into an industrial-strength blender, Ghost Noises is the even more unspeakable horror-chum that oozes out after you toss slimy gobs of internet age nu-metalcore revival (wear a filtered mask when handling this shit, take one unprotected whiff and the insides of your nostrils will smell like Monster until you can scrounge together enough meth to snort the traces out) into the blades without cleaning them first. This newly introduced solo project from Detroit wastes no time in establishing its gruesome presence with “We Can Be the Change,” the longest and most ambitious track on the short debut EP. It’s unrelentingly overblown from the very first second, with buzzsaw midi guitars and heavy synths cranked so loud they tear at the noise ceiling and become a seething electronic maelstrom, savage bellows that sound like they’re blaring from the business end of a souped-up scrap metal megaphone, and… tender piano serenades? Yes, those bizarre stylistic counterpoints end up being a unifying thread throughout the ear-destroying breakdowns and spine-grinding chugs, an odd but decidedly effective choice for this powerhouse of brutality. Join me in being struck DED.

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