Mix: Field Research

These are sonic investigations engendered by curiosity, appreciation, or any other feeling that would drive someone to record the soundscape of a certain place to preserve, transmit, or otherwise immortalize it. Sometimes warm and intimate, other times distant and voyeuristic. With all of its concrete anchor points in the familiar and not-so-familiar liminal spaces we take for granted, I suppose this is a kind of travelogue as well, one for a trip that can’t be taken until you make the jump yourself.

00:00. Christian Calon & Chantal Dumas – “Histoire d’Ours” from Radio Roadmovies (326 Music, 2003)

04:29. Agata Stanisz – “48h Pauzen Machen / Gas Station in Mulhouse, FR [14.7.12]” from 3 Square Meters (Szara Reneta, 2020)

07:38. Ernst Karel – “Scuol–Motta Naluns” from Swiss Mountain Transport Systems (Gruenrekorder, 2011)

11:39. Job History – “Super 88 in Allston, Massachusetts” from Sounds of North American Grocery Stores Volume One (Hen’s Ear Recordings, 2021)

16:48. No Artist – “Washwatch” from The World a Wash Away (Modern Concern, 2021)

21:26. Adrian Rew – “1/11/2014: Majestic Star Casino, Gary, IN” from Slot Machine Music Vol. 2 (Ergot, 2014)

25:35. Cahn Ingold Prelog – “Baggage Reclaim” from Non-Music 2 (self-released, 2018)

29:13. Daniel Menche – From Here to Electricity [excerpt] (self-released, 2018)

33:32. Greg Hooper – “Damp Gravel with Cars, Rocklea” from Carparks (self-released, 2021)

38:00. Yparxei Provlima Amalia – fourth untitled track [excerpt] from side B of Kona Kai (OMFT, 2013)