Review: Guttersnipe – Alive on Tuesday (self-released, Nov 11)

Despite their thoroughly proven track record of superb instantaneous chaos-composition, Guttersnipe, the Leeds duo of drummer Timpani Kombucha and guitarist Rhinoceros Pizzas (or whatever the hell their names are now), have yet to release a full-length studio record since 2018’s My Mother the Vent. It’s a good thing that one is so enduring and endlessly replayable, because in the three years since I’ve managed to get by with that and their demo while snatching up every ounce of new “deep sea fissure funk” the band elects to make available, and each little oodle is indeed reliably excellent. Alive on Tuesday, a live recording triptych from the Tusk Virtual 2020 streamed festival last October, is no different, and with its full-LP length could even be thought of as a complete album of its own. Part one is a formidable tour-de-force of the pair’s uncompromising astral-rot free rock and the unearthly musical chemistry they display while creating it: Kahlúa rides heavy on the snare, the hits often in ersatz unison with what sounds like a struck xylophone fragment or spoon or some other melodic percussion piece, and Sweetgrass summons a tidal wave of whirling, slicing distortion, their dual vocal attack howling overtop all the while. The following part is something different and singularly engaging, even relative to past work, as strangled vocalization interplay sluggishly sprouts into a malignant growth of cloying electronic squeals, muddy low-end guitar abuse, and percussion that sounds like Anchusa is picking themselves up and just falling onto their drum set repeatedly. It’s a particular shade of raucous delirium that feels new for Guttersnipe, even as things escalate more toward the end. And part three is the cathartic finale anyone listening to this will crave. God I love this band.

Watch the video of the original performance stream here.