Mix: Tulia, Tulia, Tulia

Not only have I been bombarding you all with reviews of loud, harsh, abrasive music, but this week has also been a tremendously rough one for me and too many of the people I love, so the series of sunnily disposed mixes will continue. With this one I’ve compiled some of my favorite pre-’90 African dance music tracks; it’s mostly highlife and related genres, but there’s also some benga, rhumba, mbaqanga, soukous (the Swahili title comes from the chorus of Ugandan/Congolese band Orchestra Makassy’s best known single, “Mambo Bado”), and others. Enjoy, and remember to calm down, calm down, calm down.

00:00. Le Grand Kallé et l’African Jazz – “Jamais Kolonga” from Merveilles du Passé, Vol. II (African, 1984)

02:24. Daudi Kabaka – “Pole Musa” from The Very Best of Daudi Kabaka (Music Copyright Society of Kenya, 1983)

05:29. Mahotella Queens – “Xola Mama” from Izibani Zomgqashiyo (Gumba Gumba, 1977)

08:03. Vis-a-Vis – “Gyaesu” from Obi Agye Me Dofo (Continental, 1980)

11:54. African Brothers Dance Band (International) – “Hini Me” from self-titled LP (Happy Bird, 1969)

15:52. Pablo Lubadika – “Tolingana” from Concentration (Syllart Production, 1984)

23:07. Orchestra Makassy – “Mambo Bado” from Agwaya (Virgin, 1982)

28:30. Hedzoleh Soundz – “Rekpete” from Hedzoleh (EMI, 1973)

31:58. Rail Band – “Bajala Male” from self-titled LP (RCAM, 1973)

36:46. Gasper Lawal – “Jeka José” from Ajomasé (Cap, 1980)

40:27. Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band – “Augustin Opiyo Ochino (An Ex-Member of Shirati)” from Benga Blast! (Earthworks, 1989)

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