News: Northside Record Fair!


The event this Saturday the 11th celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Northside Record Fair, one of the largest (and best) record fairs in the Midwest. Organized biannually by Jon Lorenz, the fair brings together local brick-and-mortar stores, independent vendors, and collectors to the North Church in Cincinnati, OH. It’s a music head’s dream, with foldout tables stuffed end to end with boxes upon boxes of records, tapes, CDs, and other trinkets and oddities. There’s something for everyone here; the wide variety of sellers means that anyone can find what they’re looking for. I’ve seen countless quantities of oldies, country, pop, hip-hop, experimental, rock, alternative, folk, and pretty much anything else you can think of. If you’re in town and have the time (and the funds) definitely stop by, help support a fantastic event, and pick up some new wax. (Click the above picture to see the Facebook event page.)

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