Review: Warp Whistle – 7D80-0C (Error Collections, Feb 15)

There’s something to be said for albums that are just interesting, that immediately seem like puzzles to solve or codes to crack, that present or examine beloved genres and tropes in a singular way. Warp Whistle’s enigmatic release 7D80-0C is one of those albums. There’s not much in the way of illuminating information on the Bandcamp page—just some extremely auspicious genre tags and ambiguously numbered track titles—but this unique debut thrives on its own opacity. Partitioned by several interlude tracks (“5-2,” “5-5,” etc.) are a series of considered, deconstructive tech-hardcore jams, played with both ease and grit to create a sound that is at once intellectual and muscular, complex yet easily graspable. The interplay between the spidery tapped guitar leads and slinking bass is magnetic, and when matched against a forceful, plodding drum backing creates a captivatingly sluggish and sludgy atmosphere (the only other case I can think of where a similar sort of thing is achieved is on Inside the Beehive’s “Bio-Feedback”). Warp Whistle’s music speaks for itself; it is clear that the members have incredible musical chemistry, which allows them to play these subtly elaborate songs in such an enrapturing way. Jagged, metallic, and multifaceted, 7D80-0C, in my opinion, is already on its way to modern obscure classic status.

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