Mix: Psychedelic Slabs

I’ve made plenty of mixes showcasing the best in abrasive, in-your-face harsh noise, but there’s a whole other subsect of the genre that mines a somewhat less immediate, but no less affecting, viscerality from the tried-and-true formula of maxed-out electronics, evoking haze, lethargy, and claustrophobia via sleazy, droning, psychedelic transmissions. You can read my recent review of the new Manure Movers of of America tape for my take on this approach, but in truth this is great music for a variety of situations—a late night smoke session, perhaps, or even a lazy afternoon nap for the adventurous.

00:00. Manure Movers of of America – “Shit Happens” from Cassette Tape #2 (Already Dead, 2019)

04:28. Arv & Miljö – “Gångtunnlar Alltid Utsatta” from Förändringens Frö (Järtecknet, 2011)

09:23. endling – “b” [excerpt] from two sides of a fallen mountain (self-released, 2020)

14:48. Blod – “Shitsoap” from Primordial (Electronic Ejaculation, 1999)

17:01. Ashpa – “Raureif” from 1 (self-released, 2013)

22:38. Laurel Noose – “Indian Summer” from University District (unknown label, 2011)

28:29. Jason Zeh – “A Vacant Lot to Be in” [excerpt] from A Vacant Lot to Be in (CIP, 2013)

35:06. Haare – “Psychedelic Funeral” [excerpt] from Psychedelic Funeral (Abisko, 2007)

37:30. Aube & Maurizio Bianchi – “Metamorphic Humus” [excerpt] from Mectpyo Saisei (PARA Disc, 2005)

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