Review: Dan Blacksberg & Julius Masri – SUPERLITH II (self-released, Feb 5)

On their second album as the SUPERLITH duo, unruly improvisors Dan Blacksberg (trombone) and Julius Masri (cracked keyboard) come together for an even more magnificently ramshackle display than their debut effort. Cobbled together from five recordings captured in 2012 and one remotely-created piece tracked just six days before the record’s official release (I didn’t even see it at first since the info was sent to me on January 26th), the two noisemakers each contribute their mercilessly abstract extended-technique muck to addictive, high-energy rackets. I can’t decide what the best part about stirring and abrasive opener “Granular Progeny” is: its incredibly fitting title or the fact that it just bursts into existence without warning, immediately setting the stage for the sort of spark-flinging, friction-fraught grinding in which Blacksberg’s and Masri’s interactions inevitably result. While not usually one for post-announcement musical revisions, I’m actually rather pleased with the last-minute addition of “Multicultural Space Lasers Kill Only Nazis in Their Throats”; “Hyaline Ossuary” and “Crypts of Lieberkuhn” are both good tracks, but their subdued droning retreats and seething rumbles weren’t the most climactic conclusion to the set. “Space Lasers,” on the other hand, makes sure one isn’t left without the vivid memory of the sheer chaos that this vicious horn player and sadistic instrument surgeon can conjure.

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