Mix: Staring Into Space, Amps on High and Tilted Skyward

The title of this mix comes from the artist description on RST’s Bandcamp page. A slab of heavy, enveloping, rough-hewn drone music: pillars of light exploding from your body and stabbing through the clouds.

Still from ‘Sunshine’ (2007)

00:00. Bügsküll – “Intro” from Phantasies and Senseitions (Road Cone, 1994)

00:16. Pelt – “Ashes of a Photograph” [excerpt] from Effigy (MIE, 2012)

08:41. Natural Snow Buildings – “Black Pastures” [excerpt] from Daughter of Darkness (Blackest Rainbow, 2009)

16:28. My Cat Is an Alien – section I [excerpt] of Cosmic Light of the Third Millennium (Important, 2006)

20:09. Alex Cunningham – “Faith” [excerpt] from Rivaled (Void Castle, 2021)

28:05. K-Group – “Carrier” from K-Group (Corpus Hermeticum, 1997)

33:14. Jim O’Rourke – Happy Days [excerpt] (Revenant, 1997)

40:17. RST – “Transform” from Warm Planes (Corpus Hermeticum, 1999)

49:37. Axolotl – “Way Blank” from Way Blank (Psych-o-Path, 2005)

55:46. Bada – “Roj Friberg” from Bada (Pomperipossa, 2020)

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