Review: Adam Bohman, Keisuke Matsui & Graham MacKeachan – Tommy Rot Trio (Hundred Years Gallery, Apr 1)

Tommy Rot Trio is kind of a terrible base phrase for an acrostic—and the album deserves much more of an in-depth analysis than this. But my head hurts and I’m kind of set on this idea now, so.

Tensile strands and strings pulled to breaking.

Obtuse in its whimsical yet restless skitter.

Metallic scrapes, squeaks, and shudders reign supreme.

Mazelike, winding, spacious.

You can almost hear the absences in between.

Rigidity made fluid.

Oscillating roles: strings, objects, electronics.

The tactile textures of tautness and tension.

Triangular configuration.

Rips, rattles, shakes, clatter.

Intimate despite its alienness.

Open and closed spaces.

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