Review: sitbQ – meatcreamcompoundingpharmacy (Full Logic Control Recordings, Jul 26)

Everyone should have a hip holster stuffed full of “musical EpiPens”: short releases, preferably those which can fit cozily on a 3″ CD with room to spare, that can quickly fill any sort of temporary low-stimulus period with glorious, ambience-canceling sound. I’ve been closely following Ukraine’s Full Logic Control Recordings and their fledgling yet also extremely well-curated catalog since I reviewed Luxury Mollusc’s DEFENCELESS RECIPIENT OF OVERTURES right at the beginning of the year, and both before and after that tape they’ve issued plenty of concise cassettes that fit the unusual classification described above, most recently meatcreamcompoundingpharmacy (which you must pronounce with no pauses—and, if you can help it, no defined syllable breaks either) by Amsterdam project sitbQ. The title track immediately lulls with a false promise of comfortable detachment from vicious volume levels that’s unseated almost as soon as it’s evoked as the distance-muffled distortion grows louder and louder before exploding into an all-out assault. Like many of their labelmates, sitbQ makes effective use of the oft-offputting mono recording approach, feeding so much white-hot fury into the capture device that the noise overflows out of the center channel and subtly bleeds into its next-door neighbors’ yards on both sides. The titular “pharmacy” is ostensibly represented by this first chunk, but “late night news and entertainment” sounds even more like the cold, bleached tedium of neatly organized medication shelves and prescription pickup counters, spiraling into piercing insanity from a smattering of barcode-scanner beeps. For maximum effectiveness, firmly jam into neck, bicep, or thigh.

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