Mix: Fringe Clatter

Why actually, you know, play instruments when you can scrape, scratch, and smash them (and even build your own) instead?

Portland Bike Ensemble live in 2012

00:00. The Blue Denim Deals Without the Arms – “Armistice” from ‘Armed Forces’ Day (Say Day-Bew, 1978)

03:23. No-Neck Blues Band – “Seven Spaces of Empty Place” from Letters from the Earth (Sound@One, 1996)

08:46. Moment – “The Process” from Broken Resonance (Space21, 2021)

13:57. Sandoz Lab Technicians – “The Somnambulist” from Sandoz Lab Technicians (Siltbreeze, 1996)

17:30. Iskra – “Klirr” from Allemansrätt (Ett Minne för Livet, 1977)

20:07. Portland Bike Ensemble – “Kyoto” from Live in Japan 2006 (Olde English Spelling Bee, 2009)

26:59. Teletopa – “Improvisation One” from Tokyo 1972 (Splitrec, 2014)

30:37. Seeded Plain – “Cloud Thistles” from Sectional (Digital Vomit, 2010)

35:12. Lakes – “Winds” from Lakes (Tone List, 2018)

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