Review: Ona Snop – Geezer (Rip Roaring Shit Storm, Aug 24)

I’ve been itching to write about this album nonstop since the band sent it to me, and I’m even more excited for people to hear it. Geezer is the first LP by the U. K. fastcore band Ona Snop, and it’s everything a debut release should be: succinct, heavy, exhilarating, and bat shit insane. Across eighteen tracks in nearly twenty minutes, these lovable manics tear through a maelstrom of schizophrenic hardcore, switching on a dime from sludgy head-banging breakdowns to dizzyingly fast thrash-punk blasts to catchy hard rock guitar licks and back again. When it’s over you just wonder how the hell they fit all of it in. For those worried by Geezers eclecticism, have no fear; it’s pulled off tremendously well and avoids being annoying in favor of straight-up hilarity. I can’t help but burst out laughing after opening track “In Pieces,” when what sounds like the beginning of a completely new section ends abruptly after less than five seconds, and am then immediately silenced by the light-speed assault of “Total Both,” which kicks in immediately afterward. The pacing is perfect, and the two longest tracks (both around three minutes) are well-placed at the middle and end, offering a break from the blender without sacrificing any energy. I feel like I’m not fully communicating how much I love this record, but luckily it’s so short that you have no excuse not to listen to it!

The digital album is out now on Ona Snop’s Bandcamp. The CD will be released later this month on No Bread!, with LPs shipping in August via Lixiviat, Rip Roaring Shit Storm, and Here and Now.

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